Instadesk AppThe Best Instagram Client for the Mac – But Better

INSTADESK 2 – New Features

All New Interface

A complete new interface that blends perfectly into Lion. Almost all parts of the interface have been changed to accomodate easier Instagram usage.

Multiple Users

Someone else also wants to check IG on your Mac? You have two accounts? InstaDesk now lets you easily switch to a different user with the click of a button.

Drag & Download

Images can now be downloaded simply by dragging and dropping them on your desktop or any folder on your Mac. This also works with multiple selections.

Mini Gallery

The detail view now sports a ‘mini gallery’ to easily switch to other images from the current selection.

People List

If you’re following a large amount of people, it’s difficult to keep track. InstaDesk now hosts a new view that makes it much easier, to get an overview of your followers.

Load More

Which of your images has the most likes? For thisor other questions, you can now tell InstaDesk to load a huge amount of items up front and then filter and search them right away.

Selection Handling

Finally. The icon view has been changed from single-click mode to double-click mode. This makes it easier to select a set of images and act upon it (Liking, Slideshow, etc).

Requests View

If you have a private account, there is now a handy view to easily accept or deny relationship requests or even do “confirm all”.

& Much More

14 more features, 10 changes, and several bugfixes making this the biggest InstaDesk release yet. 


Create slideshows out of any set of images. Photo albums, a friends’ pictures, tagged images, popular images, and many more.

View Modes

Instagram centers around fantastic pictures. InstaDesk has view modes to see them just as you need: Small icons, medium icons, feed, or detail view.

Fasttrack Liking

Millions of beautiful images on Instagram! You’d love to like so many of them! InstaDesk displays a small heart when you hover over any image. Click it, and you liked it in record time.

Favourite Friends

If you follow many people it is almost impossible to see close friends’ pictures. InstaDesk allows you to define your ‘favourite friends’. You can directly see their updates.

User Profiles

See your or your friends profiles, pictures, followers, people they follow, or even the biographies.

News & Notifications

Get notified if you gain new followers, likes, or comments. Even more, get Growl notifications when somebody posts a new image on your feed.

Photo Albums

Drag and drop fantastic images into albums. Create albums with your favourite cityscape pictures or beloved beach pictures.

Download & Share

Download or share images and albums with one click. Albums can be shared on

Browse & Search Tags

If you lounge for vacation and want to see beautiful beach pictures – no problem. With InstaDesk you can see pictures for tags, search tags, and even save favourite tags.

Hover Details in Icon View

Just hover over an image, and you directly get the most important stats: user, date, amount of likes, and amount of comments.

Sync your Pictures

InstaDesk now lets you sync your images to a folder on your harddisk. Just activate, and all images you upload will be mirrored there.

& Much More

19 new features and 20 bugfixes!